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G-String also known in the music reggae industry as Gerry Ranks, is a UK-based Artist, Calypsonian and musician.

Currently the UK 2020 CALYPSO MONARCH.

UK 2020 Groovy SOCA  2nd place runner up.

He is known in the music business initially as a sound system MC and musician, then moving onto producing music, playing steel pans and gigging with various Bands mainly as a seasoned drummer.

Born of Guyanese parentage, he is currently a member of the Association of British Calypsonians and a Director of King Shumba Social Enterprise, supporting training and educational developments in the Gambia UK and West Africa. 

G-String is 2016 UK ABC Calypso Monarch, 2015 ABC Groovy Soca Runner-up, 2015/2016 ABC Calypso King of the Tent, UK Calabash Awards Calypso Artist of the Year 2015/2016  .

2017  ABC Calypso Monarch runner up.

2019 G string was the runner up in the Groovy Soca Monarch.

2020 Gstring won the first VIRTUAL UK CALYPSO MONARCH COMPETITION that took place at ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS.

2020 also saw GSTRING win second place in the GROOVY SOCA MONARCH.

His style of calypso/soca is energetic, influential and entertaining. 

As a music producer/ Sound engineer and competent musician, his talents have extended into an all round passion for both performing as the headliner and as a part of the band be it the drummer,  Pannist, guitarist or percussionist.

2021 sees the return of G-String in a Soca, Bashment Style.

 Managed by King Shumba enterprise.



GSTRING at ABC Calypso Tent 2016 London UK With the Late great Mighty Tiger One of the Founders of the ABC Calypso Tent